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Green Rubber - Kennedy Ag
  • T-21 Ball Valve

    These valve performs an on/off or modulating function. Its name is derived from the flow-controlling ball valve located within the body of the valve. A hole through the center of the ball along one axis connects the inlet and outlet ports of the body. The ball itself is held in place by, and rotates 90° within, PTFE seats. These provide permanent lubrication, and keep the valve "bubble-tight." They are backed by elastomeric cushions, which provide pressure against the ball and, at the same time, compensate for wear. Elastomer O-rings are used for stem and carrier seals to prevent leakage to the atmosphere. In the open position, the flow is straight-through, and there is minimal pressure drop when the porting through the ball is the same size as the inside diameter of the pipe.

  • Omni Ball Valve

    Standard Features
    • Blocks in two directions • Rugged structure • Unibody construction • Compact, low profile, short face-to-face dimensions • PTFE seat backed by EPDM for low stem torque • Rated for full vacuum service

  • T-57 Ball  Valv

    Standard Features

    • Standard model (1-1/2" – 14") has PVC body and PP disc for superior chemical resistance and elevated temperature capabilities • 316/403 stainless steel shaft has full engagement over the entire length of the disc and is a non-wetted part • Only solid and abrasion-resistant plastic disc and elastomeric liner are wetted parts • ISO bolt circle on top flange–no body or stem modifications required for accessories • Stem retainer–PP retainer to prevent stem removal • Seat over tightening protection–Molded body stops and seat stress relief area • Spherical disc design offers increased Cv, ultimate sealing and high cycle life • 18 position throttle plate for lever handle style