This versatile pump is especially designed to pump various industrial and agricultural chemicals in addition to clear water applications. The WMP series pump features EPDM seals for chemical resistance, a reinforced thermoplastic pump housing and impeller, and full frame protection with vibration-damping mounts. This 2" pump features Honda's commercial-grade engine with Honda Oil Alert® to provide outstanding performance for chemical applications.
Unit of Measure


Used In

N/A Multi-Purpose

Maximum Pressure

N/A 45 psi




N/A 163 cm³

Compression Ratio

N/A 8.5:1

Honda Oil Alert

N/A Standard

Pump Type

N/A Centrifugal Multi-purpose Self-priming


N/A Rigid Mounted Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester


N/A Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester

Mechanical Seal (Pump Case/Impeller)

N/A Carbon/Ceramic

Priming Time at 16.4 Feet (ft)

N/A 65 s

Drive System

N/A Direct

Discharge Capacity

N/A 220 gpm

Suction Port Diameter (National Pipe Thread (NPT))

N/A 2 in

Discharge Port Diameter

N/A 2 in

Total Head Lift

N/A 105 ft

Suction Head Lift

N/A 26 ft

Length (L)

N/A 20.5 in


N/A 15.7 in


N/A 17.7 in

Dry Weight

N/A 56 lb


N/A Industrial Chemicals

Acetic Acid, 20% Ferric Nitrate Nickel Sulfate Sodium Chlorate
Aluminum Sulfate Ferric Sulfate Oleic Acid Sodium Chloride
Ammonium Nitrate Ferrous Sulfate Phosphoric Acid, 0-80% Sodium Nitrate
Ammonium Sulfate Formaldehyde, 40% Potassium Carbonate Sodium Silicate
Barium Sulfate Glycerine (Gycerol) Potassium Chloride Sodium Sulfate
Borax (Sodium Borate) Lactic Acid Potassium Nitrate Stearic Acid
Calcium Chloride Lead Acetate Potassium Sulfate Sulfuric Acid, 0-29%
(Temperature does not exceed 27ºC or 80ºF)
Citric Acid Magnesium Chloride Soaps (Neutral) Tartaric Acid
Copper Sulfate Magnesium Nitrate Sodium Acetate Vinegar
Detergents (General) Magnesium Sulfate Sodium Bicarbonate Water (Clear)
Ethylene Glycol Maleic Acid Sodium Bisulfate Water (Salt)
Fatty Acids Nickel Chloride Sodium Carbonate, 10% Zinc Sulfate

Agricultural Chemicals

Aatrex Dual Phosphoric Acid Solutions
Amiben Eradicane Poly-N
Ammonium Thlosulfate Extrazine Ranger
Avenge Larsban Round-Up
Banvel Lasso Sutan
Basagran URAN Solutions Treflan
Bicep Modown Vernam
Bladex N-Serve 24  

  • Do not use the WMP20XA for pumping liquids for human consumption.
  • After each use, drain the pump housing into a suitable container and flush with fresh water.
  • The temperature operating range of the pump is between -7 and 54ºC (20 and 130ºF)