Unit of Measure

Product Designation

Product Group

N/A Habasit Cleandrive

Product Sub-Group

N/A Reinforced extruded food conveyor belts

Main Industry Segments

N/A Dairies Fruit Meat Poultry Vegetables

Belt Applications

N/A General conveying belt

Special Features

N/A Abrasion resistant on both sides; Easy cleanability; Hygienic

Mode of Use/Conveyance

N/A Horizontal

Product Construction/Design

Conveying Side (Material)

N/A Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Conveying Side (Surface)

N/A Matt

Conveying Side (Property)

N/A Adhesive

Conveying Side (Color)

N/A Cobalt Blue

Traction Layer (Material)

N/A Aramide cords

Running Side/Pulley Side (Material)

N/A Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

Running Side/Pulley Side (Surface)

N/A Glossy

Running Side/Pulley Side (Color)

N/A Cobalt blue

Product Characteristics

Slider Bed Suitable

N/A No

Carrying Rollers Suitable

N/A Yes

Power Turns, Curved Installations

N/A No

Nosebar Suitable

N/A No

Low Noise Applications

N/A No

Anti-Statically Equipped

N/A No

Metal Detector Suitable

N/A Yes


N/A No specific flammability prevention property

Food Suitability (Food and Drug Administration (FDA))

N/A Yes - according to 21CFR parts 170 - 199.

Food Suitability (United States Department of Agriculture (USDA))

N/A No use intended

Food Suitability (European Union (EU))

N/A Yes - according to Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 as amended.

Technical Data


N/A 0.080 in2.0 mm

Mass of Belt (Belt Weight)

N/A 2.4 kg/m²0.49 lb/ft²

Minimum Pulley Diameter with Counter Flection

N/A 2 in50 mm

Tensile Force for 1 Percent (%) Elongation (k1 Percent (%) Static) Per Unit of Width (Habasit Standard SOP3-155/EN ISO21181)

N/A 8.5 N/mm49 lb/in

Tensile Force for 1 Percent (%) Elongation After Relaxation (k1 Percent (%) Relaxed) Per Unit of Width (Habasit Standard SOP3-155/EN ISO21181)

N/A 6.5 N/mm37 lb/in

Admissible Tensile Force Per Unit of Width

N/A 3.2 N/mm18 lb/in

Minimum Operating Temperature Admissible (Continuous)

N/A -20 ºC-4 ºF

Maximum Operating Temperature Admissible (Continuous)

N/A 80 ºC176 ºF

Seamless Manufacturing Width

N/A 24 in609 mm


Minimum Pulley Diameter

N/A 40 mm1.6 in
Legend Notes1 N/A EEC: European Economic Community EU: European Union (Directive 2002/72/EC) FDA: Food and Drug Administration NA: Not available NAP: Not applicable USDA: United States Department of Agriculture (Food Safety and Inspection Service, Washington D.C.)

Additional Technical Information

Chemical Resistance Class2 N/A 6

Installation and Handling Instructions

N/A Install the slack belt and tension until running perfectly under the full belt load.


N/A This product has not been tested according to ATEX standards (atmospheres with explosion risk - ATEX 95 regulation or EU directive 94/9) and therefore is subject to user's analysis in the respective environment.


N/A For details consult 'Storage and handling requirements for belts and machine tapes' or contact Habasit. Protect belts from sunlight/UV-radiation/dust and dirt. Store spare belts in a cool and dry place and if possible in their original packaging.

Product Liability, Application Considerations

N/A If the proper selection and application of Habasit products are not recommended by an authorized Habasit sales specialist, the selection and application of Habasit products, including the related area of product safety, are the responsibility of the customer.
All indications / information are recommendations and believed to be reliable, but no representations, guarantees, or warranties of any kind are made as to their accuracy or suitability for particular applications. The data provided herein are based on laboratory work with small-scale test equipment, running at standard conditions, and do not necessarily match product performance in industrial use. New knowledge and experiences can lead to modifications and changes within a short time without prior notice.
Because conditions of use are outside of habasit's and its affiliated companies control, we cannot assume any liability concerning the suitability and process ability of the products mentioned herein. This also applies to process results / output / manufacturing goods as well as to possible defects, damages, consequential damages, and further-reaching consequences.


N/A All data are approximate values under standard climatic conditions: 23 ºC/73 ºF, 50% relative humidity (DIN 50005/ISO 554), and are based on the Master Joining Method.

  • 1 German federal institute for risk assessment (Bundesinstitut fuer Risikobewertung)
  • 2 These indications are not guarantees of properties